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We are a company based in Texas that specializes in mold remediation services for every home, estate, or a company that needs our services. What separates us from the rest of maintenance companies is the fact that by focusing only one mold remediation we improve the quality of our services.


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Having the best equipment in the business helps separate our services from those of our competition.


Jason M. Burr

“I wasn’t even aware how dangerous exactly mold is to our health until I contacted this company. After using one of their services I was sure that I did everything I could for maintaining a healthy atmosphere in my home.”

Jeffery J. Benites

“My family and I are extremely grateful for the services that this company has provided. After I heard about them via a colleague of mine, I make sure that I schedule maintenance on a monthly basis.”

Tomas S. Coble

“Best mold remediation company in the business. I’ve tried services from many companies, but none of them were as professional or efficient as this ones. I’ve already recommended their series to all my coworkers.”

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Removal of mold

Removal of mold is our basic service and it includes the extermination of mold and completely getting rid of even the slightest traces of it. Mold can be dangerous not only for you but also for the animals in your environment. The effects that it has on the air shouldn’t be disregarded as it can greatly affect your health and cause many diseases.

Prevention of mold generation in your home is a new service that we are proud to present. By using special, strictly eco-friendly chemicals we will not only eliminate 99.9 percent of mold that accumulated in your home, but also reduce it from spreading to other areas of your home. It is a wise investment for yours and your family’s health.

Prevention of mold

Special coating

Special coating that prevent the mold from generating in the first place is another high praised service that we have to offer. It won’t affect the color of your walls, and being that it is completely safe for the environment you can use it in every room of your home. Securing your home and preventing mold from appearing on your walls is the smartest home investment that you’ll ever make


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