Individual vs. cleaning service – which one is better?

Individual vs. cleaning service – which one is better?

Many people don’t make differences between individuals and professionals. Of course, if you are hiring the cleaning services for the first time, you probably won’t notice either. But, they are things you should pay attention too, and we are going to point out a couple of things for you and help you make a more comfortable decision.

Will you be an employer?

carpet cleanersIf you decide to hire an individual, then you will be his employer, and by the law, you will be obligated to pay his federal income, social security and medical taxes. It might sound appealing when employing an individual, thinking you will save money because he charges less than companies, but on the long rung, it cost you more once you pay all taxes. If you are not ready to deal with all this paperwork, then we suggest you hire a company. In this case, you will only pay for their bill.

Who will pay for possible damage

When hiring an individual, no one can guarantee you that nothing will be stolen or damaged. Or what happens when something does get taken or broken? Will you be covered? What if your cleaner gets sick or goes on vacation? Will your house still get cleaned? On the other hand, if you hire a cleaning company, they usually provide insurance, so if anything happens you will be covered, and they always have a replacement ready.

Questions to ask

Before you hire their cleaning services, ask if their personnel are employees or contractors. In case they are contractors, the cleaning crew you hire don’t have to provide a liability insurance, and in most cases, they can’t even ensure how the job will be done. On the other hand, if the cleaner is a contractor, then they need to have a business license, cleaning supplies and products. Also, you should request recommendations and verify their credentials.

Who will finish faster?

Maybe one individual will be more thorough, but cleaning crew will finish the job faster. It all depends on your needs and how soon do you need your house to be clean. Cleaning company may send a couple of workers who will be in charge for different sections in your home, in this case, you don’t have to worry about the hygiene.

Will your house be protected?

Many cleaning companies take this matter very seriously, and they want to prevent any problems with their customers. Their employees are covered by insurance, as well as your assets. If we are talking about individuals, people usually find online ads and hire people through the Internet. Employing an individual over the Internet can be a risky decision, first of all, you don’t know him, and no one can guarantee you the safety of the house. What happens when something valuable gets stolen?

The final choice

Many polls have shown that people usually choose cleaning companies and house cleaning services scottsdale always recommend cleaning professionals over individuals.

Mold Toxicity Symptoms You Should Pay Attention To

Mold Toxicity Symptoms You Should Pay Attention To

Our health is one thing that we should pay the most attention to. Every time we have a health problem, no matter how big or small, we try to figure out how it came to that and is there some way you can prevent it from happening in the future. Your home should be a place where you fell relaxed and safe. But what happens when you neglect the hygiene in your home, and underestimate the dangers of mold in it? Mold can cause numerous respiratory and other health problems, and symptoms of mold toxicity in your home can be recognized before it’s too late.


Excessive Coughing


If you notice that you or anyone in your home is coughing excessively it might mean that the mold is affecting your health more than you know. Our body is letting us know when something is wrong with our health, and coughing is one way. This may mean that you are having respiratory problems caused by mold in your home.


Joint Pain



Yes, having joint pain is another problem that might suggest that the air in your home isn’t as fresh as you might think. Because of spores that are released into the air by mold, our immune system can suffer considerable damage. This can trigger all sorts of other problems in our body, affecting nerves system and organs.


Low Energy Level


Feeling tired and sleepy all the time? If you notice this kind of behavior immediately go to a doctor and confirm your doubts that mold is causing the problem. This clearly shows how spores affect our body, as low energy implies that our body is limiting the energy we have to fight the bacteria.





If you are feeling down for no reason, or all the reasons possible by overthinking and overstimulating the mind with negative thoughts, it might be again due to mold problem in your home. Depression can get worse and lead to serious mental problems. This is why you must address the problem by visiting the therapist and removing the mold from your home in the first place. In time, as the source of the problem no longer exist, you will feel better.


Watery and Itchy Noses


Having eliminated the option of flue from the list of possible reasons why your nose is constantly watery and itchy, it all comes down to, you’ve guessed it, mold again. No matter how small is your mold problem, the air that you are breathing is constantly polluted and filled with spores. Our body simply showing us that something must be wrong with the air as our respiratory system is affected by it.


Sleep Problems


Having insomnia? This is because of the humidity in the air that makes mold possible also affects your health. Not only that the mold is physically attacking your body by attacking your blood cells with spores and bacteria, it also has mental effects. Sleep deprivation can cause serious problems that can lead to mental disorders and illnesses.



Best Tips and Tricks for Mold Remediation in Your Home

Best Tips and Tricks for Mold Remediation in Your Home

There is a list of expenses that every home owner has when a season is close to an end. What you had to do to improve you home before the summer is entirely different expense from the one that you have at the beginning of winter. Investing in your home improvement so that you have a healthy environment is all that matters. But being that services from maintenance companies can be quite expensive, you’re probably wondering is there something you can do to cut these expenses. There sure is and everything you need to do is stay informed and learn a few tricks. Mold remediation can be something that you can do yourself, but in order to do so you’ll need the equipment and knowledge.



Locate the Problem


Before mold is generated on your walls and ceiling you can eliminate the source of the problem, preventing the mold from appearing in the first place. So inspect you attic or basement and find out if your pipes are functioning and is there a leak that’s letting the water go into your walls. So get you flashlight and start inspecting inch by inch, and soon enough you’ll have safe and secure home.


Protective Coat



Most of the times when homes have a mold problem it can be resolved by applying a special type of paint on your walls. This chemicals are completely safe for the environment, otherwise they wouldn’t be sold by companies. Get your hands on this special coating paint, and cover every inch of your home in it. This will suppress the mold from spreading and possibly appearing in the first place, depending on what causing the mold from appearing.


Getting Things Done


From time to time you might need to remove the mold manually, without applying any chemical to it or using any prevention method. There are couple of things that you need to know before you start. First off, you’ll need a sand paper that won’t damage the paint on the material that you are scrubbing. Getting rid of mold on hard surfaces, releases the mold into the air, so make sure that you have a mask on before you start. Another thing that you need to consider is opening windows to let the air in. You don’t want to spend too much time in a room were mold is in the air. You can also use fans and close your air duct systems so that it doesn’t end up in it.


Sweeping Under the Rug


The biggest mistake you can make is try to hide the mold by covering the walls with another layer of paint. Not only that you will waste the money on paint, but you will also put your health at risk. This won’t get you anywhere are mold that is trapped under additional layers, will quickly reappear making your efforts to hide the problem useless.