Mold Toxicity Symptoms You Should Pay Attention To

Mold Toxicity Symptoms You Should Pay Attention To

Our health is one thing that we should pay the most attention to. Every time we have a health problem, no matter how big or small, we try to figure out how it came to that and is there some way you can prevent it from happening in the future. Your home should be a place where you fell relaxed and safe. But what happens when you neglect the hygiene in your home, and underestimate the dangers of mold in it? Mold can cause numerous respiratory and other health problems, and symptoms of mold toxicity in your home can be recognized before it’s too late.


Excessive Coughing


If you notice that you or anyone in your home is coughing excessively it might mean that the mold is affecting your health more than you know. Our body is letting us know when something is wrong with our health, and coughing is one way. This may mean that you are having respiratory problems caused by mold in your home.


Joint Pain



Yes, having joint pain is another problem that might suggest that the air in your home isn’t as fresh as you might think. Because of spores that are released into the air by mold, our immune system can suffer considerable damage. This can trigger all sorts of other problems in our body, affecting nerves system and organs.


Low Energy Level


Feeling tired and sleepy all the time? If you notice this kind of behavior immediately go to a doctor and confirm your doubts that mold is causing the problem. This clearly shows how spores affect our body, as low energy implies that our body is limiting the energy we have to fight the bacteria.





If you are feeling down for no reason, or all the reasons possible by overthinking and overstimulating the mind with negative thoughts, it might be again due to mold problem in your home. Depression can get worse and lead to serious mental problems. This is why you must address the problem by visiting the therapist and removing the mold from your home in the first place. In time, as the source of the problem no longer exist, you will feel better.


Watery and Itchy Noses


Having eliminated the option of flue from the list of possible reasons why your nose is constantly watery and itchy, it all comes down to, you’ve guessed it, mold again. No matter how small is your mold problem, the air that you are breathing is constantly polluted and filled with spores. Our body simply showing us that something must be wrong with the air as our respiratory system is affected by it.


Sleep Problems


Having insomnia? This is because of the humidity in the air that makes mold possible also affects your health. Not only that the mold is physically attacking your body by attacking your blood cells with spores and bacteria, it also has mental effects. Sleep deprivation can cause serious problems that can lead to mental disorders and illnesses.